BRRRRR!  It’s getting cold out there and, we hate to say it, but it’s going to get colder.  After the relatively mild December of 2015, our weather is now in full snow and cold mode, and we are shivering!   The cold not only makes us shiver, but it also makes our plumbing shiver!  My plumbing?  Well, not literally; but, the cold does affect  your plumbing and some damage may already be done by the time you realize it.  When pipes freeze and thaw, they burst; and the running water could flood your home and/or yard, not only causing damage, but it could also increase your water bill.  Aaron Kramer Plumbing would like to offer some simple suggestions for protecting your home, your plumbing, and your wallet from the affects of the cold.

All of  your outside hoses should be disconnected and stored inside.  If any of the exterior faucets are leaking, have them repaired to prevent them from freezing.  For further protection, a foam insulator can be installed over the faucet to protect it from the cold.  Turn the shut off valve(s) to the ‘off’ position that are on the water line(s) going to the exterior faucet(s).  If the exterior water line is not isolated with a shut off valve, you might consider having one installed.  We also suggest leaving open the cabinet doors beneath the kitchen sink to allow warm air to circulate.  This could prevent the water lines to the kitchen sink from freezing.  Do not use a torch or any other form of open flame in an attempt to thaw out the pipes.  Should your water lines freeze, please call Aaron Kramer Plumbing to have them thawed out.

In addition to the repair and/or replacement of exterior faucets, Aaron Kramer Plumbing will also repair and/or replace kitchen, lavatory, laundry tub, and tub/shower faucets.  We also repair or replace toilets, water heaters, garbage disposals, and sump pumps.  We will also locate and repair water leaks and clear clogged drains.  No job is too small for Aaron Kramer Plumbing!  Call TODAY!  937-898-0008 (North) or 937-434-7074 (South)