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Forecast – Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020 – 31 degrees in the morning.

Next Monday, Nov. 2, 2020 – in the 20’s in the morning

Those cold mornings have done in our plants, our vegetation decorations, our gardens and left us with cold-damaged plants that need to be cleared from our gardens and flowerbeds.  Another thing that needs done is to remove/disconnect our hoses from the exterior faucets.

It is not advisable to leave your hoses attached through the winter.  The water in the pipe will freeze and, in the spring, it is likely to burst – flooding your home.  If this happens when you are not home – you don’t even want to think about it.  Many years ago, I got a call at 5:15 a.m.  The Englewood police had just called our customer who was out of town.  They told him water had frozen at the end of his driveway – there was no reason for water to be at the end of his driveway – it had not rained or snowed for that matter.  Yup, you guessed it.  The exterior faucet line had burst in his garage and water had been running long enough for it to reach the street.  The house?  You can imagine.

By the way, the plumber’s secretary didn’t follow her own advice and our backyard became a small lake.  Thankfully, it didn’t get into the house, but the water company loved sending that bill. 

Disconnect those hoses, allow the hose to drain and store in the garage. Turn off the shut off valve on the exterior faucet water line and then open the exterior faucet to allow the water to drain out. By doing so you won’t need to call us in the spring.  If you don’t, here’s the number you’ll need –Aaron Kramer Plumbing – 937-898-0008. 



After All, We DO Live In Ohio

After All, We DO Live In Ohio
Welcome to the Midwest, specifically Ohio – zeroing in on Southwest Ohio with a bulls-eye on the Dayton region. What we’ve experienced may be the same as where you are – well-below zero temperatures and now another 4-5 inches of snow have caused over 450 schools and universities to close, accidents a plenty, trips to the ER for falls, loss of business for many, frozen water mains, boil advisories, and frozen pipes in our homes. If you are one of those homeowners with frozen pipes are you prepared for when those pipes thaw?
In order to be prepared, leave the faucets open on those frozen water lines to prevent damage to them and to the pipes. The pressure built up in the pipes could damage the faucet(s) and/or the pipes when the thawing occurs. Be prepared for a sputtering and a blast of water!
BUT GUESS WHAT! Relief is on the way! By Sunday, at least in the Dayton region, the temperature will be between 50-60 degrees ABOVE ZERO and life can return to normal. The kids will be back in school (Hallelujah!), you can go shopping (the stores have missed you!), you can now potty train that new puppy you just got (what were we thinking!), maybe even wash the car, and you can start planning that summer flowerbed!
BUT WAIT! The whole weather thing could start all over again in just a few days! Please no, please no!

After All, We DO Live In Ohio


Winter Horror!

Phone calls at 5:15 a.m. usually don’t mean anything good. When this water technician’s secretary answered, it was that kind of call. A customer was out of town and got a phone call from the police. They told him they were out on patrol and found frozen water at the end of his driveway. And that is odd because…….. Well, It was odd because it hadn’t been raining or snowing – but it was cold – very cold. Our plumber met him at his home after he got back into town and what they found was a nightmare.

A pipe in the garage had frozen and then burst. If water was at the end of his driveway you can imagine how long the water been running – running long enough to do a great deal of damage to his home.

In this bitter, cold weather it is important that your pipes, especially those on an exterior wall, be kept warm. We suggest keeping cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate into the cabinet. To help even further put a fan on the floor outside the cabinet to blow warm air into the cabinet. We do not suggest putting the fan or a space heater directly into the cabinet; nor do we recommend using a torch of any kind in an effort to thaw out frozen pipes. The use of either a heater or a torch is a fire hazard. A hair dryer can be used as long as it is not too hot and does not come in contact with anything flammable.

As soon as possible, we suggest putting insulation on the pipes and/or adding insulation within the wall cavity. If there are pipes that have been routed into an unheated attic or ceiling it may be worth your while to have those lines re-routed through a warmer area.

Dealing with this kind of winter horror – bursting pipes and the water damage they can cause – is not worth it to anyone except perhaps your insurance company and the contractor(s) hired to make the repairs.

Do some preventive maintenance and keep those pipes warm and cozy. When all else fails, give Aaron Kramer Plumbing a call.  (937-8989-0008) A little ‘heat’ applied by a professional might just be what those contrary pipes need.