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It’s Olaf Weather!

And only Olaf appreciates it – or maybe Frosty the Snowman.  You know Frosty, but who is Olaf?  If you don’t know who Olaf is, you haven’t seen Frozen a thousand times like other parents and grandparents.  Olaf and Frosty enjoy the cold; but exterior faucets don’t.  It’s time, or past time, to put those faucets to bed for the winter.

May we suggest doing the following:  disconnect the hose from the exterior faucet and then allow the hose to drain before putting it away in the garage or shed.  Leaving the hose connected to the exterior faucet could allow water to collect in the pipe going to the faucet; that water could then freeze, and thaw potentially causing the piping to burst and flood your home.  Once the hose is disconnected open the faucet and allow the pipe to drain before shutting it off.  One further step would be to purchase a foam cover for the faucet (found at any box or hardware store); that will help to insulate it from the cold.

Hopefully taking these steps will prevent a call to Aaron Kramer Plumbing in the spring with a leaking exterior faucet and a burst pipe.  But, just in case – our phone number is 937-898-0008.  We suggest keeping it handy because we repair or replace more than just exterior faucets and burst pipes.  There are toilets, garbage disposals, sump pumps, etc – you get my drift (snow drift – where you’ll find Olaf and Frosty.  Couldn’t resist.)