Buckingham Palace and Plumbing

The Royals, kings, queens, princes, princesses, fairy tales, crowns, crown jewels, pageantry. pomp and circumstance, coronations, the Windsors – on and on and on the list could go of things that come to mind when you hear ‘Buckingham Palace’?  But plumbing?  How about HUGE, IMMENSE? Or, how many people does it take to clean it?

HUGE and IMMENSE when you learn it has 775 rooms (the Queen only uses 6 of them.) – 19 state rooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms which translates into 500 toilets, sinks and showers.

This ‘house’, the same as all of ours, needs renovating, maintenance, and upkeep –just done on a grander scale.  A ten year ‘re-servicing’ project was begun in 2017 and is already over budget (original amount was $490 million) and behind schedule.  Take heart, it happens to the richest of us!   Major systems such as electrical and plumbing are being replaced.

There are 6,500 electrical outlets (that is still probably not enough or they aren’t in the right place, just like our houses), 5,000 light fixtures (bulbs have to be changed in some rooms that are 90 feet high), 20 miles of heating pipe and 2,500 radiators.  The plumbing system – 10 miles of piping – needs to be replaced, but in the meantime toilets, sinks and showers clog – just like ours; faucets drip – just like ours; hot water is from boilers which go down – just like our water heaters.  To make these repairs in just one wing, 3000 pieces of art and antiques had to be removed and stored.  And I complained about having to move 10 family pictures and Aunt Agnes’ vase. 

No matter the size, any house needs repairs.  Aaron Kramer Plumbing is ready and able to make those plumbing repairs to your ‘palace’.  Our ‘prince’ of a technician is waiting!  Give us a call!  (937-898-0008)

(This plumber’s secretary reads plumbing trade magazines – go figure.  In PHC news, February 2020, an article about ‘Reservicing’ Buckingham Palace piqued my interest.  More info was found on the internet – articles, pictures and videos – all quite interesting.  Did the royal family get bumped out or need to move to temporary quarters?  Some of them did; just like us when major renos are being done.  They aren’t much different than we are; but I bet they didn’t have to go stay at Motel 6.)

The Plumber’s Secretary